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It would be nice to have a way to limit usable slots in storage containers, like in Factorio for example. Because sometimes I want to make something but I don't want to make a full container of it, or I don't want to use all my iron (or other stuff) to make a full container of that stuff. So it would be nice if a limit tool was implemented.
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You can slow down the fill ratio though.
Put a splitter, take 1 output to the storage, merge the two other outputs and now it will only fill at 1/3rd of the speed compared to if you just fed the storage directly. (if your merger gets backed up, it will start filling your storage quicker however)
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Not a fix per se, but you can put in like 20 leafs, and split the stacks til you got your desired space used
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i need that too
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@Hipida: This is what I do as well :)
It totally does the trick, it would just be way more convenient if you could select single or multiple slots with the mouse and then mark them as unavailable with a single click/button press.
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