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I would love to see some factory machines for growing flora and harvesting these resources. You could have a hydroponics bay that outputs berries, wood, leaves, mycelia, etc.

This will open up new possibilities for research chains, and mass production of goods such as the health restoration items. I'm sure Ficsit can profit off of these resources as well as the mineral resources from this planet! :)
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The game ends with improved bio-fuel generators that take a lot of expensive components.
farms make plant mater harvest-able with machines,as well as health plants!
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Ok so here is my thought on farming. Since this game is all about automating everything why not farms? I would add a building that automatically farms the various plants that would have 3 to 4 inputs and they would be biomass/fertilizer, water, crush caterium ore, and some form of seeds. Now the water can came from either wells (new resource nod) or pumps on the river bed either one would be put in barrels like oil is just marked blue. The crush caterium would be made like concrete is and the reason for using it would be an anomaly found and researched that shows it speeds up plant growth. The seeds can come from refeeding a part of the output or skip that part and say it uses apart of the crop for the next harvest. Biomass to add nutrients (maybe it's the mix of caterium ore and biomass that add the faster growth). With all this you can make it balanced by limiting the output speed. Thanks for reading this and I hope to see something like this in the game. (Or pump the water by pipes).
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Eu tambem vejo que é necessário o uso da água e a criação de fazendas e a automação de colheita feita por drones.

Seria muito legal
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