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Simple request really. NVIDIA Ansel is a tool for NVIDIA gpus that allows you to take pictures in games easier and better. It allows you to move the camera however you want, scale the resolution up, take 360 and stereoscopic pictures, apply effects, ...

It is easily integrated into Unreal Engine games with an official plugin: https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-us/Engine/Plugins/Ansel/Overview

The plugin also lets the developer take control for when the player should not be allowed to take pictures (intro sequence for example), etc.
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You rock Florens... this would definitely be something I'd love to see.   I already make custom screenshots in game and stitch them together in Photoshop, but having Ansel would be SUPER.
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Most developers I've talked to simply believe that a GPU specific photo mode is too much of a user splitting issue. What do they say to the people that own AMD GPUs, or any other future GPU maker? This is why many games have their own Photo Mode.
I own an nVidia GPU so Ansel would serve me, but I've come to see that Ansel is not embracing all gamers, it's only serving to sell more nVidia GPUs or promote them for free. Take that as you may.
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I see that but with it being so easy to implement, why not? Could even have 2 photo modes.
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I'm coming in late but I have to agree. I know it's a user splitting issue, but so was the epic game store yet here we are.

Just adding Ansel does not mean they wouldn't be able to work on their own photo-mode either since I can only assume it's still being worked on. Take a look at The Division 2. It has a great photo-mode but Ansel is also included.
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