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hello everyone,

first of all, love the game and cant wait for future content patches and / or full release ;)

some small things that would be really nice to add would be e.g. :

glass - just for windows in general or maybe for seethrough walls?

lights / lamps - when you build in multiple layers or floors it gets pretty dark, so some standing lights or wall lights would be really nice

wall power poles - would be just an optical improvement i think, to be able to have those for some cleaner cable management options

just for now that would be the few small things i wanted to share, i could easily expand this list ofc :)

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I don't know about glass, but i know for sure that lights and a better form of powerpoles will be in game soon
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"better form of powerpoles" could be anything - we already have 3 versions of poles, but that sounds good ;) what is your source for the lights tho? i did not find anything :( but nice!
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Well, don't wanna spoil too much, but there will be a wall which puts electricity on the foundation which powers everything on it.

Regarding the lights, there is already a light post.
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Where are you getting the info about the power walls and foundations?
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Powered walls and foundations already announced so just wait for new patches. About glass i belive it will be used with quartz update.
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