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I have seen a few posts concerning the teleportation of materials, vehicles and the player(s) but noted some pretty good comments with regards to making vehicles and other modes of material transportation obsolete.

My suggestion is to eventually have a personal teleportation station added to the game that only allows players (and their personal inventory) to pass through. It would be less about procuring an easier means of transporting materials and more about reducing unnecessary time spent traveling between bases (particularly in the late-game). This would allow players to enjoy more time building and expanding their factories far from their main base of operation rather than spending a decent chunk of the time running or driving to specific locations.

I am sure a teleporter would likely call for a good bit of energy to operate, however, I won't claim to know a good value for the MW usage. With regards to actual use, a player would simply construct the teleporter (after unlocking it), connect it to power, and then link it to other teleporters that have already been constructed via UI. Although it may be apparent, a single teleporter will not function on its own since it does not have an alternative point to teleport to (unless the main HUB counted as a location to teleport back to).
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I've been pondering on this one myself.  It would definitely have to be a late-game, max-Tier Milestone, horrendously complex to acquire and then equally difficult to build.  I envisage each teleporter swallowing huge amounts of MW constantly (in order to maintain those mini-wormholes), and only transporting you with an empty inventory to prevent it from being an alternative goods transport system.  Perhaps even an end-game build, that transports you back onto the FICSIT mothership...
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Fast travel would be great, but teleportation doesn't fit the theme.

Some sort of rocket pod would be awesome though, and they already have the models and animations for it!  Get in, it blasts off, a minute later lands and you walk out.  For travel across the map it would work well.
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I think the game could be heading in that direction, I have great expectations of this game and I believe the creators will not disappoint.

I  hope that it will go as far as being able to build star ships and go to other planets to find other materials to then being able to set the ship up on auto pilot the same as the trucks and tractors to bring it all back to this planet and then maybe terraforming of the planet :/ Who knows how far they plan to take it :)
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A Star Trek style TurboLift would be a good option for both Material and Players. But the Material would first have to be pelleted.
This way, we still have to build the Transportation network but we would be able to send anything we like to another elevator station. For those that are not familiar with Turbo Lifts, they have a network that enables the elevator to travel in all directions, assuming there is an elevator network built going that direction.
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We already have this that will be in the game some day: https://satisfactory.gamepedia.com/Remote_Storage

Basically connecting conveyor belts from one side of the map to the other with no physical connection / resource teleportation.

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Nah, I'd rather there were an escalator type object, which is basically a conveyor, but one where the player won't get thrown off :P

Besides, blade runners and jetpacks do a good job of reducing travel times, though upgrades to the blade runner would be nice.

(Oops, intended for this to be a comment not an answer, apologies)
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then convert it to a comment ;)
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No harm no foul haha.
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If you're traveling from the plains to the desert, it will take you quite a while to travel that distance.
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It might be fun if it looked like a big round circle, that was blue on one side and orange on the other and you could look through it to see where it came out.  You might even be able to use the sound effects we're familiar with.

Actually ... man a portal gun in this game would frickin' rock....
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Just remember, the cake is most definitely a lie.
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could be another use for space elevator + plus a new kind of drop pod, anyways fast travel should be a transition between mid game for late game stuff
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For sure, you wouldn't want to give this out to players too early. I'm not for eliminating long distance traveling until later in the game where you have already had to do it. This would give players a good motivation to discover what research tree the teleporation station was in, unlock it, create sufficient power and then start up their own teleportation network.
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I'd be happy with any super fast way of traveling. Either by rocket or teleportation, but it needs to be high tier and extreamly fast.

Teleportation fits the later tier alien theme (S.A.M Ore)

I don't see the problem with teleporting back to a factory that produces concrete and picking some up, then teleporting back to finish building. Not transporting your inventory would be near pointless I think.

I'm also hoping the monorail is a fast way of transportation that has to be manually laid out. It will suffice until I get teleportation!
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Yes, please, even if it is made to cost TONS of late tier materials, to make it harder to build
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