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I was able to install and play Satisfacory on my linux machine!

Here the video!


Some specs:

I7 8750h
Gtx 1050Ti
16Gb ram ddr4 single channel
500Gb ssd WD blue
1Tb sshd Segate

It run horrible... like 20 fps at most but it run!!!
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YES! Please port to linux!
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Well i don't know nothing about coding or engine limitations. But if they officially launch on Linux they must add cross play between operational systems
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Cross play is actually much easier than most assume, most look to consoles and Sony specifically, and assume this kind of implementation would be problematic, but, it's not. In the most basic of terms, multiplayer is accomplished by a player's computer sending information to a server which amounts to, "I am here, I am doing this." Because these updates are passed over a network, all that is required, is the game to be able to communicate as such. In fact, if you play on a 7 Days to Die, Ark, or Rust server, the server itself is very likely running on a Linux machine. The hard part, is the porting itself, because it's like changing the dialect of the language being used. Coffee Stain might not want to devote the time and effort required to port Satisfactory, or, they might already be writing the dedicated server for linux because it the easiest and most customizable OS to put a server on remotely.
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Another problem with porting Satisfactory to Linux, is that currently, the Epic launcher does not run natively on the OS, but, they have said they would like an linux version. So one way to help Coffee Stain out on the road to getting a linux port of Satisfactory, would be to bug Epic for a linux launcher.
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Satisfactory uses the UE4 engine which has cross-platform support for lots of things, even mobile! Coffeestain just needs to click a checkbox but they won't due to the exclusive deal with Epic.

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Just a heads-up, you can bypass the Epic Launcher by adding the -EpicPortal switch when calling FactoryGame-Win64-Shipping.exe directly. See: https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/79/install-epiclauncher-because-satisfactory-cannot-playit
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