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Is there a way to get a biomass harvester, leave harvester or something to automate biofuel production? I find it very difficult spending half of my time harvesting for biomass and Wonder if there is a Way to fully automate it, like a Wood farm or sth...
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Get the chainsaw makes getting materials for biofuel  way to easy
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I'd like to see Smarter Constructors as you level up..  Such as starting off with just processing leaves like normal but as you level up and get closer and closer to coal research. That your constructor would manage itself better for bio fuel production, if you had leaves and wood on the belt it would have storage for each of those for the amount needed to process and know to swap back and forth between leaves/wood etc...  for making bio fuel.
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if only we had access to smart splitters at that stage.. =)

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At tier 3 you can unlock Coal power and then fully automate it.
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thanks a lot, I'll consider if I'm desperate enough to rush it or not :D
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It saved me a ton of time!
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You don't need a harvester or something because it's soooo easy and fast to get biofuel and the biomass is just starting technology.

Just harvest a few time, fill up 2 storage containers with leaves and wood and use the constructor to assemble biomass and "eu vola" automation .... or half of it.
After that, you can use the merger to merge two belts into one to feed another constructor  to craft biofuel.

I have 2 Container full of biofuel so idc about "harvesting". Ok have to do this a few times but it takes just 10-15min to have a full container again.

Anyway in the late game, there is the coal generator with 50mw and to be honest after that, you do not need the biomass burner ever again.

So no i dont think we need a "harvester" it would make the game "to easy"
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to be precise, not just biofuel but ANY source of energy. 4th our of gameplay and still harvesting leaves and trees damn!
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I have the same opinion. Coal should be available as soon as the space elevator is built. Waiting Tier 4 gathering leaves is a bit tiresome.
Maybe it's done to force the player exploring and gathering biomass, but I did not find natural not being able to automate power in any form (just the biofuel with leaves/wood as input).
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after 4 hours how are you NOT at T3?
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if u use the chainsaw for wood and then make biomass u have soooo much. i run over 200 mw of power with biomass before i get coal :)

i also let one constructor make biofuel automatically :P
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