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So this came to me today while I was daydreaming about factory layouts instead of working.

Start with this speech from the lady AI a short while after you complete the build of the space elevator:  "Now that you have started your base of operations, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that the atmosphere of this planet is highly toxic.  In order to motivate your production, doses of the treatment, Paracyclodine, will be made available upon successful delivery of specified goods via the space elevator.  Should you miss your delivery goals, you will slowly succumb as the planet's air turns your organs into liquid and causes your eyeballs to explode."

So, the idea is that random deliveries are made via the elevator, and in exchange, they send down some doses of medicine.  Run out of meds, and you begin to suffer physical effects (health loss, movement slowing, decreased ability to jump) eventually resulting in death.

The items that the corp demands are random, but never the items required by the elevator for tier advancement and always something appropriate for your current tech tier. For example, they may demand 5000 screws, or 500 bags of concrete, or 2000 Caterium ingots, etc. Maybe even multiples (Send us 300 motors and 1500 encased steel beams!)

 Once delivered to the elevator, it will automatically sequence (no requirement to pull the lever, so you can passively deliver via conveyor) and return with some quantity of medicine appropriate to what was requested.  That goes into a small inventory on the elevator and stacks with multiple deliveries.  

The player would need to go grab the meds from time to time to carry in their inventory, and would need to ingest/inject on the onset of symptoms.  Run out, and you slowly rot away until it's game over.  :)

Difficulty levels would increase the quantity of items required, or decrease how long the medication lasts (or a combination of).

While this required medication is a bit of a McGuffin, the impending toxic death does serve to add a time challenge and one more thing for the player to have to juggle along with expansion and exploration.  By randomizing the demanded item(s), the player is forced to reorient their production to deliver the needed supply (or craft it manually), thus adding the need for nimbleness of design.  Imagine having a well-oiled production line, and suddenly you need to divert a portion of it because your medication is being held hostage in exchange for 1000 circuit boards, and 20000 lumps of coal.

This challenge also shouldn't interfere with any other endgame that may be planned.

Another thing I like about this idea is that it wouldn't require a significant amount of new assets.  a 3D model for the medication (which could be a re-colorization of the health injector), a 2D inventory icon (same), and a redesign of the space-elevator interface to show the demanded tribute items, as well as the space for medication pick-up.  That would make it relatively easy to implement aside from the programming.

I would not suggest this as a default mode of the game, just a variation that the player can invoke at creation to add a bit of personal challenge.
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i'd like this as a more "hardcore" version of the game, with the current one being default.
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Exactly.  I think the default should be just as is.  Chill, with whatever endgame the devs have in mind.  But at the same time, adding a little challenge like this as a lever you can throw when making your game as an option is always a good thing :)
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This gave me an idea!!! I agree with earlier comments that poison should not be part of the default game.
However, what if advancing to the next tier required a sustained number of parts/min to the space elevator?

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A similar solution for adding a motivation to grow your facilities, which follows in a similar philosophy of the idea described above, would be adding a colony (like a dome) that consumes goods in order to keep their citizens alive. The players should supply the demand and allow the colony to grow.

As the colony grows it would require more goods and the industry should answer to this demand. As time passes more colonies would be founded.
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