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CPS = conveyor pole stackable

Very frustrating bug, but I think I correctly diagnosed what's happening. I kept trying to use CPS but the conveyors would always say invalid shape because it would take a bad path when it "snaps" into place in blueprint mode. Screenshot

Things I tested:

  • different lengths between the CPS
  • different amounts of CPS on top of one another
  • different positionings of the CPS without rotating (e.g. where the belt in between them isn't straight)
  • around buildings & not around buildings

The only way I could get CPS to work is by rotating one of them, which is aesthetically dissatisfying. Screenshot 

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You are trying to force something that doesn't work.
a) stackable conveyor elevetors work, but not like this. The stackables are placed edgelong, not facing each other.
OR there are four of them, two on each side as if the ones you have in screeshots are two of them, side by side. elevation across.
b) Belt elevators will be in the game by the end of April.
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I understand what you mean with point a, but the difference between rotating it once and not rotating it is very marginal (the screenshots look almost identical besides POV). So I still would consider this a bug.
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Learn to aim better - that's all I can say.
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Aim has nothing to do with this.
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" but the difference between rotating it once and not rotating it is very marginal" Marginal though it may be, it's a difference, and to a computer that is all that is needed. When a Computer is presented with a choice where to connect a belt in a system of two pole identically phased (both are facing each other directly, and no difference exists between the angle from one face to the right and the same face to the left) then the computer will make a choice based on some kind of rules in the code. Turning one pole ever so slightly now presents an angle that is smaller than the other, no matter how much smaller, smaller still, so that gets chosen.

More to the point though... vertical belts are coming, so these structures are irrelevant now.
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