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Just a minor thing you might want to file.

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I'm 'fine' with it clipping through something placed directly on the ground, but I'm not okay with it clipping through foundation. It's a common problem though so I'm not sure Satisfactory will be the ones to solve it. Not to discourage them from trying though.
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It's nothing new in these types of games, and not really a huge deal in the grand scheme of things either, but yeah I think it's annoying too. I wish the industry would find a way to squash it.
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While I don't really disagree...

I actually kind of liked the look of a field of foundations with little tufts of grass sticking out. It made me think of foundations in the classic sense of a purpose-built ~in-ground sturdy platform to build on, but slightly over grown :)
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i like it. i sometimes even purposly build things so they are surrounded or within plants.

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Also, collectable leaves, berry bushes, etc. should be despawned when placing a building over them.

Stuff should either prevent building, or be removed - we shouldn't have grass and trees sticking through buildings.
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Use the chainsaw on trees and collectibles to permanently remove them.  This can be done after you place the foundation; just look for the silohouette when you hover over the plant.
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i think it can actually look nicely to have a tree sticking out of all that grey ground. if u dont like it just build higher.
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