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It would be nice if you could choose for the tractor some other kind of power usage. You could put batteries in it. The batteries would have to be charge in a machine. 

The machine could have 2 battery slots (with future expansion); wall mount apareance; and you had to physicaly grab them and load them into the tractor.

Solar panels.

Last of all, if wires could go through the wall, like:

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Or just make it something you can stick in a truck once you get nuclear power.

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there is no way to automate power production without harvesting manually, or is there? Im playing 4th hour and still need to harvest leaves and trees -_-
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That's what I mean, I'm currently on the 10th hour or something, and I'm running out of power constantly.
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maybe with the coal generator ? https://satisfactory.gamepedia.com/Coal_Generator

i just start to play, so idk
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Keep going.  There's a fully automatic option available.
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Once you get coal you can have that fully automated and the coal miner can not only feed directly into the power plant that's powering it, but then transport it to your base also to power generators over there. There's two lovely rich coal viens southeast of the starting area. One across a chasm and the other high up on a pillar mountain.
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Higher tiers offer far better, it's just the struggle to get to them :)
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