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It would be nice to have a way to pick up the content of the containers/chests that are left behind when deconstructing something, and you don't have space for all refunded items in the inventory. When refactoring larger parts, it might happen frequently that there are a lot of chests with just 2/3 items spread around the area, and it's annoying to have to go to each one and open the inventory and click "Take all".


  • Hold a modifier-key when aiming at a chest to take all (e.g. "Shift")
  • Or hold a specific key to autopickup all chests (only!) in your surroundings? This might be practical, as you could then fly by more chests in the row to collect them. On the other hand it might not fit the game...
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Shift is for toggling run. Also, this is a computer game, so add this modifier as a mappable keyboard, configurable by the user. Control currently does nothing though, afaik, so use this. Control click and you pick up everything from what you target (building or chest).
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True that, "Ctrl" would be a better fitting modifier in that case
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