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It would be nice if we were able to rotate the end of the belt (i.e. the pillar) while placing. This way we could see directly the angle we're doing with the belt. (example : would be a lot easier to align belts and make 90° ish belt angle without fondations.)

Edit : I'm already aware that you can put the pole first.... -.-' But it requires a lot of guessing and tries, the perspective often tricks you.
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Put conveyor pole first, then add the belt
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What if when placing it, the belt end automatically faced the direction you're looking? Wouldn't need an additional key modifier that way.

Although I can already see several problems with that implementation. Maybe a modifier key to make it face your direction at the cursor location? hm
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Had a very similar question closed on this topic. Didn't search for "rotation" when I was seeking dupes so I didn't see this.

The comment I'd add is that the belt should be able to extend along the new vector. Cities:Skylines does something similar with roads. You hold shift, and as you move the cursor it paths along the grid lines using one turn. I'm definitely a layman, but it seems like the pathfinding would be relatively basic compared to what is already in the game: extend lines from each pole (original and rotated) until they intersect, then follow that path. If the interior angle is < 90, give an invalid shape error.

Essentially I am trying to avoid having to place a rotated pole offset by two grid spaces, connect the belts to make the 90, then placing a second pole a very short distance away to make the next turn/maneuver. It would save a lot of clicks/clutter to just place the second pole and let the corner be unsupported. (If allowing the unsupported corner is a concern, there could be some limit to the offset, i.e.,  if [Lmax > leg(A) + leg(B) = 1.0L > Lmin] then either [leg(A) < 0.33L < 0.25Lmax] or [leg(B) < 0.33L < 0.25Lmax], where Lmin is some minimum length value used in place of the actual length to prevent short belts from having absurdly small offset limits.)

It isn't a huge deal, but all those clicks add up if you're snaking parallel stacks of belts around your factory. :)
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