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Would love to see the implementation of three very simple output modes for storage containers:

1)  Forward First - Operates as now.  Incoming items pass through until output is blocked and then stockpiled in the container.

2)  Fill and Forward - Incoming items are stockpiled.  Items do not pass through until the storage container is full.

3) Split Stockpile - 50% of incoming items are stored, and 50% are forwarded in a 1:1 ratio.  Once filled, the container forwards all items.

Pretty straight forward, but adds some interesting inventory-control options to our production lines.  You can accomplish similar with splitters, but adding that basic inventory-control behavior to the storage container eases spaghetti a little, and gives them a small amount of additional function.
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Can you present some use cases for these three options? Where would that be useful or noteworthy or needed or desired?
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For example, if you were establishing a mall area, then Fill and Forward might be good option, or splitting.  

Another place I could see it being useful is InSitu resource processing to build a buffer on site.  For example, I may convert all my Caterium into Quickwire at the source, but then a Fill and Forward storage fills before sending it on to my base.  At any time, I know I have a ready stockpile of QW waiting for me that with a flick of a switch I could then order to send down the chain if I needed it.

It really depends how you play and organize, but for me, I really like having filled in-line buffers available at a moment's notice should I suddenly have a need.

Split filling just fills it up slower, while sending some items down the line.

As I said, you can accomplish similar with splitters and adding/removing conveyor segments, but this might be another way and add a smidge of intelligence to storage boxes that take advantage of the in and out conveyors, rather than just bulk storage at the end of a line.

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You can accomplish 1 and 3 right now. 3 is just a splitter with one output going to the container and nothing coming from it.

2 can be approximated with multiple splitters in a row with one output going into the same container. Eight splitters with one side going to a container will send 99.6% of the content to the container until it is full, at which point it will all go to the output.

We do need priority splitters, but one suspects that those require tech not yet available.
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I know, but I was suggesting to accomplish it with less spaghetti and complexity.
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I think a priority splitter is the cleanest solution here.
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