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Here's what I've tried:

- Using Hamachi (before having this, I couldn't join. With it, I can join but it's like my ping is 9000000)

- unchecked send data thing in options

- Network option on ultra (all players)

- switching hosts, new worlds, etc..

- Re-installed the game

This only happened after the original host sent a file and I tried to host it. Anyone have this problem too or have a solution (that isn't the common ones on here and reddit)
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Hamachi adds latency. Better to try and configure your router. It's probably blocking inbound udp.
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Can you explain this a little more, at least the blocking inbound udp part..? I can't really mess with the router config (Renting and not in control of the router, unfortunately).
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Sometimes the login information for your router/modem will be located on the device bottom. Even though you are renting it you may still be able to access the configuration.

If no login information is printed on the your device, maybe you can try some default ones. You can look here http://www.routerpasswords.com/ for  default login info.

You will also need to know the ip address of it. Look here for that: https://www.howtogeek.com/233952/how-to-find-your-routers-ip-address-on-any-computer-smartphone-or-tablet/

As for the blocked udp, you need to be able to configure the router first. The you go to port forwarding and setup so.me rules to allow unbound udp Or just enable DMZ. Another better option is just to enable upnp.

It's also possible that it's not even the router config. Or it could be your friend's router config. You could check if in game at the main menu ( i think it shows it there...) in the bottom left corner, if it says NAT Strict, then it's likely the router. But turn hamachi off completely first.
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