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It would be cool if you can see at the power overview how much the maximum input power of the connected network CAN be. So when i plan to power up stuff, i see if it's possible to add one more thing which consumes power or if the fuse will burn at full load (when everything in this network [circuit])

For example when my miner is blocked, it does not consume power, so statistic says it's okay to add one more, i add it (for example some melters) then the miner stops it's blockade, now if i did not planned good enough, it would may burn my fuse because this miner power consumption was too much now. It would be easier to plan if you can directly see the maximum needed output power for your circuit/grid
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thats 2 different things, please check it again :/
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Hm maybe i misunderstand?

He want's to see the latest peak which burned his fuse.

I want to see the max possible power consumption of a circuit/network also if some machines are idling because they are blocked or turned off. So i exactly know how much i would need without counting and other stuff.

Maybe thats not what developers want, but would be very convenient for many people.

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I can't see any maximum possible usage?
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I think what he is trying to say is to be able to see what power consumption  is if everything that is currently connected to the grid where to consume power what the PEAK POWER USE would be vs TOTAL POWER available vs  CURRENT POWER USE.


I think this would be very useful.
Thanks for closing the language barricade. That's what i have meant
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