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Me and another player passed a jetpack between each other and it became barely functional at some point.

When this bug happens, the jetpack burns fuel at normal rate, but it feels super sluggish and you barely gain more height than you would doing a normal jump, even if you deplete the tank.

* Pay attention to the fuel indicator, it's not acting normal.

Video: https://youtu.be/qhQBX0YeGFo

Tried dropping it and picking it up multiple times, that did not help, it only started working normally after the other player had died.
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Works fine in single player for me
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From the sound effect it sounds as if the space bar repeat rate is too fast and the game isn't ignoring the repeat rate. That could cause that. But that's just a wild guess.

Jumping on heads is quite normal. Right? :p
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did u try to change the jumpkey to another key? Maybe it helps
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I had this bug too when i dropped the jet pack to a friend who want to try it.

 I was host. When he was using it, i randomly had micro jetpack effect (if we jump together and he's using it, sometime i will fall slower than i'm supposed to, if i hold space button.... i know it's a lot of "if") but he noticed no bug on his part.

When he gave me back the jetpack, it was fully bugged and had this precise bug on your video. I played 90 hours fully solo and i never had this bug before dropping the jetpack down when my joined my party. xD

From my experience it doesn't seem to be a key repeater problem but a the fact that the jetpack is rapidly switching his propulsion between the 2 players or isn't properly equiped.

My friend doesn't play anymore so i couldn't test it more.

The ones who had this bug too, did you drop the jetpack directly from your body slot or from your inventory?

Ambaire, were you always on single player in your progression? Did you have the bug with "zombies/mummies" from previous saves and got the jetpack from one of those dummies?
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That shouldn't affect the problem.

I think it's because of equipment rubber-banding or other such conflict

Edit: had this happen in the session with other players spawned in, but not connected. This time, I don't get any height at all and the fuel indicator works normally, but the jetpack is effectively wasting all fuel while providing ZERO lift.
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