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Hello, thanks for reading this.

Firstly i want to thank the Developers for this Great Game, it is very fun at all.

Although it is Early Access, which means i may have a chance to give the Game something back - with a new Idea.

What do you guys think about Basic Operators in Satisfactory?

Something like Minecraft did it with Redstone, where the Player can create AND, OR and NOT-Circuits. With these tools you could create very, VERY Big and even cooler Factories. 

Maybe it would be possible to create a small Building-Item "PLC"(Programmable Logic Controller) where you could add Digital(Two states, On(1) and Off(0)) Inputs and Outputs to the PLC. Then you could create a logic Circuit on a Computer (Maybe us the already existing Item for this) and copy it to a Hard Drive, which you can put in the PLC. 

But why should this get implemented? Very simple. Because you could optimise your factory very well with the given Interfaces on the already existing buildings. HereĀ“s a small List of Interface Ideas:

Sensors (get Connected to Inputs at the PLC):

- Level Sensors, to measure the Fill-Level of Containers

- Light Sensors, to measure if the Lighting Level is above or below x

- Counter, to measure Item-Flood on Conveyor Belt is below or above x

- Measure if Productivity of Buildings is below or above x

Actors (Are the PLC Outputs):

- Left/Right Switch for Conveyor Belts

- Speed Switches for Conveyor Belts

- Set the Standby State of Buildings via an Input

- A Wifi-Thingy to send Custom Notifications (maybe even with variables!) to the Players HUD.

And we could even automate the Outside of our factories, with the Following stuff:

- Photelectric Sensors, to check if something passes the Area

- On- and Offturnable Lights

- Timers (usable in very many ways!)


Suggestion (and reminder) by @ExileFox: Manual Switches are very useful and needed to, if this gets implemented!

And i dont even want to start with the Possibilites of Analog instead of Digital Communication... but thats another Topic.

Sadly i dont know enough about the Unreal Engine, and if its able to do these much Calculations parallel to the currently existing stuff :/

But i think you guys get the Point, these are simple Example Ideas, and i think the whole Community will get even better and bigger Ideas for this - as there is nearly no Limitation.

If you gut any Suggestions/Critics let me know - and maybe Just maybe we will see this Stuff in the Game.

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I'd love to see this. Maybe not like redstone, but more like Oxygen Not Included's logic implementation or Factorio's similar solution.

Being able to turn vehicles off when a target inventory is full and turn them on when the amount of stored material is below a configurable amount would be insanely useful. Or simply just to turn off producers when storage is above a given value to avoid overproduction and congestion.
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This could be taken further into a more modded minecraft sense, where rather than simple redstone logic, you instead work with in UI logic. This allows for grouping machines, belts, and powerlines for mass factory control while allowing the complexity of individual machine mentioned in prior comments with stuff like inventory sensors, counters, switches, pressure plates, etc.

This can done with perhaps a command station or two, where you can designate a zone or individual machines the station will see as a part of it's network. Then, inside the machine you'd be able to apply the logic as necessary. Think Space Engineers timer blocks, but better.
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This is exactly the sort of stuff I want. Maybe even have a computer  that's able to take like 32 different inputs and send 32 different outputs and defining complex logic in a sort of mini-game. And maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but a simplified version of a scripting language to define control logic. I'm just yearning for some way to make an automatically balancing optimised factory.
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Definitely agree. Especially where power and storage percentage is concerned.

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it sounds pretty awesome and complex. Would be great to have the options anyway.
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It could be great, just the primary gates and maybe in the tiers

1 - Primary gates, Simple wire, low range
2 - Building Sensors, Wires can be Color Code and can go in the walls
3 - Heavy cables that can be placed in power poles (Using the connections, Long Reach)
4 - Wireless transmitter signals (we should launch a satellite)
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