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URGENT - Dedicated Servers for Multiplayer

Put this on your list on #1 place.

A lot of people refunding this game because they can't play with friends.

(More players then Single Player players.).
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voted down because this is not urgent. The game is effectively still in the beta stage.
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Except you can play with friends?
Step 1: ensure all people are friended with each other on Epic's launcher
Step 2: Have 1 person host the game
Step 3: Have the others join the game
Step 4: Happy multiplayer
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to Step 2:  and if u wanna play again you need that host...and if hes on holiday ... party ... or other funny rl stuff ? This is where a DS becomes urgent :D
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...and to be honest - this game is not made for Singleplayer - there is a reason why Coop is already existent - the game is so massive - there is no reason to play alone

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I highly doubt there are more MP players then SP players. I agree we need Dedicated Servers, but not as #1 Priority.

How do u even know that alot people refund? Are u working at coffeestain? Do u know the Sales? Maybe you work at EPIC Game Store? So many questions.

Just wait and eventually they will add dedicated Server Support. BTW i am one of the SP players, even thought i played MP without dedicated Server without any Issues
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I can see the Store Statistics with my Epic Partner Account.
//EDIT: they have a lot of refunds and the only real error/problem I can see is the mp.
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When you build a house, the smart thing to do is to start by making sure that the foundation is solid. The same is true of games. Multiplayer is something that resides in the upper levels, and right now, they are still working on the ground floor, so just give them time.
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Dedicated Server are what we are waiting for to play again. Leaving the PC running is not a rly good option as it drains a lot of power and ressources on that machine. And you will some sort of disconnect after 24 hours (i mean the clone for the "quick and dirty dedicated server")
A DS would be the best RL QoL Update
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