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Hello devs and community!

I've now played some time and I came across some things I really miss in Satisfactory.

1. Tractors
Eg. I've build quite a nice "hangar"-ish thing for our tractors, where we drive in, park our vehicles and can go into the base.

We've already got the truck terminal, which lets us refuel and empty the vehicle automaticly. Great thing!
We've also found out, that since almost everything has a real hitbox, one can stand on the vehicle while it's driving to be a passenger.
+ A second seat for passengers would be great.

+ I would also like to paint my tractor to give it a personal touch (or also as color coding, if people have a network of supply trucks)

2. Ride the flying "Leviathan"
This thing really reminds me of the leviathans from Subnautica and it would be great if we could stand on it and fly across the map, like the way we can with the tractor.
(It just would be a cool thing to be able to do, since the game already feels like: Just look around and mess with everything)

3. Feeling home
Since I am building a big and nice base for our tractors and main facility, I noticed that there are actually a few astetics missing.

+ First one: the personal crate is always placed in the middle of a "block" which means I can't place it at a wall, because it will always stand out.

+ Apart from the usual things that would add some detail to the base (like signs, chairs, doors, different kinds of storages, lights, half walls, fences, windows, more variety of walls, etc.) I'd like to see stuff like a rolling gate or gate doors, since the gate itself is fine, but it isn't a real gate, if you can't close it, right?

+ I also like the system of ... I think it was "Empyrion - Galactic survival", where you could paint a little like symbol onto a block.
That could be arrows, numbers, letters on the ground to mark parking lots or factory sections

+ Another thing: Being able to paint just one side of the wall
Since I'd like to have some color coding for factory sections in my base, but don't want that color on the outside of the wall

4. Server-side problems
I know, dedicated servers are comming at some point, there is already stuff needed to be added / fixed in the current game.

- If you aren't the host, you can't shift- items from a create or tractor.
Also only the host can SORT server based inventoryies.
That needs to be adjusted.

- There is also a problem where some people always get stuck in trees and if they don't have the saw with them, they basically have to respawn.

- I also found a tree which I could cut without it getting despawned. So it was basically infinite wood and leaves. Not sure where it was tho, was somewhere near a cliff at the plains - the tree was going a bit into that cliff.

- Another major thing is, that if I am not the host, there are some occasions, where I place something and it doesn't show up on my screen, but the hitbox is there, so if I try to walk through it, I get "glitched" back.

- Also there are occasions, where I want to place a walkway and the blueprint shows at the right position, but when I place it, it is placed once "block" next to it.

- Something that happens a lot or almost EVERYTIME is, that the items on the belt are displayed even tho they aren't there, aren't moving even tho they are, etc. etc.
I am sure everyone knows that so I'll kept it that way

5. Other thoughts (nothing I think that would make special sense in the game... just brain dump)
# One thing that is interesting to think about, are bridges.
I know that we can build bridges with platforms and walkways (even better if we got fences, so we don't have to use walkways for that), but something like a bridge is also interesting

I guess that's it for now.
I think there is a HUGE LOAD of stuff that could be added to Satisfactory, to make it even more satisfying than it is already (had to, sorry) and I am sure, that you devs already have many plans for that as well.
I can't wait for the future updates and being able to give my base and factories more detail and functions!

Thanks for your time!

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1. agree with all you say
2. you already can ride it but not in the way you want, would be better to have something like a hoverbike like Subnautica below zero.
3. also support the idea, fences, windows, lights and other kind of useful stuff.
4.5. nice suggestions, love that would be able in the future.
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About the 2.:
I tried to jump on it, but I am just glitching through it every time. That's why I thought it is not possible
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I like your ideas, and can agree with most. (Except for the multiplayer stuff, as I am yet to find somebody to play with.)
   However, small tip: about the not despawning tree, make an in game report whilst standing next to the tree; the dev's will then get the in game coordinates with the report, and can more directly try and fix it. Just for future reference ^^
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