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It would be really neat to have an attachment you can place on the side of the cars so that a lizard doggo can get on with you instead of tagging behind.
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For real. I stopped taming the little buggers, because very time I get one to follow me home, it got killed by a spitter. :(
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Aww. I only found one today after 42 hours of play and I love the thing. Funny story, when I found it, he was on a mountain. I didn't read the wiki on how to tame him yet and walked him to the edge of the cliff. I wasn't thinking and proceeded to walk so close to it that it walked off the edge of the cliff :|. It didn't die though. Thank god.
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let us sack doggos in the inventory. 1 doggo needs 1 slot... so we could transport them much easier.

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i think second seats are a neat idea in general. maybe if we could have a car with a gun on top that is made for 2 people in the same car...
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