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Some issues I came across while playing with my brother. I'm player 2 and I already got max tier solo, so I know what is where.

*Player 2 can't sort storage inventory.

*P2 can't see venomous plants (they're invisible for me, sometimes I collide with them and take dmg, but the enemy is invisible)

*P2 sometime place foundations, walls or poles and they're invisible only for me. P1 can see and remove them.

*P2 can't power structures sometimes (add cables but says NO POWER, on second or thirt try it powers up)

*P2 can't overclock sometimes (add cell and place % but it won't update the production. after a few tries it gets overclocked)

*P2 can't research on MAM right after adding the resource. I have to click away and then press the button.

*P2 hotkeys from 1 to 0 are resetted uppon joining the session.

*P2 can select an already powered machine with cable tool (blue outline is displayed even when powered)

*P2 can place multiple conveyors from one structure/wall/pole/splitter

*P2's structures takes a few seconds to start building

*P2 sometimes won't collect berries (it grabs but doesn't come to inventory)

These bugs were experienced for the past 3 weekends.
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Got those too (especially the graphical ones like invisible foundations and walls)
it does not happen on single player (at least for me and my buddies)

Another one to add:
P2 cannot select the correct research in MAM, i.e. they want to click on "Yellow Power Slug", but the one above is selected.
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P2's Parachute does not open, even though the sound plays.
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Came here to post all of these same experiences I've had as a player 2.
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