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Moving your items in any game over any distance can be a real hassle for the player. Being forced to make trip after trip with personal inventory, or using a form of transportation to assist with the items, Is a natural and necessary component of any resource dependent game. With vehicle inventory or direct transportation (IE: Tractor, Truck, Conveyors), It becomes much more bearable. Although I did want to address a concern of mine with vehicles.

I found out recently that when needing to move the entirety of my factory to a more advantageous location, the frustration of using tractors or trucks to use as item transportation was quite, un-satisfactory. There were many times where i would need an item from the truck, use the quick transfer (Shift + L Click) option to obtain said item, only to realize later at the work site that I didn't grab the item I needed, but deposited it in the truck. Leading to the feeling of pure wasted time.

The Main point of my suggestion today would be to have the vehicle inventory as the primary menu option upon interacting with the vehicle workbench. Doing so would result in a ease in knowing what inventory your interacting with. While still allowing to use the crafting interface on the second tab.

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Definitely agree 100%

In addition, please remove the ability to quick-move fuel material into a vehicle's fuel tank. It prevents us from being able to load in fuel items into the vehicle's storage.

For instance, if I have 15 biofuel that I want to put into the vehicle storage, I have to click and drag each one manually because if I try to Shift + Click, it will just place the biofuel into the vehicle's fuel tank. Then Shift-Clicking another one will just replace the item in the fuel tank, and so on.
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For sure, the only work around for the fuel issue is to clear out your inventory and use the store all function.
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@R315 what if shift-clicking a fuel item only transferred it to the fuel tank if that item did not already exist in the fuel tank? Otherwise, shift-clicking a fuel item would transfer it to vehicle inventory.
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