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Sorry if this has already been reported, I did try to search it first.

Anyway, I found a hole in the map that drops you into the void. It's in a far east area of the map near two geysers and a uranium deposit. See screenshot below for a better reference. There is an area that looks down on a body of water. When walking near the steep sandy bank  (just above left hand in screenshot) the player can slip into the water sink to the bottom and through the map into the void.

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use "give feedback" in the game. otherwise it's not easy to find the exact spot your reporting a problem about.
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Pardon my ignorance. How is the give feedback option better? Does it provide telemetry data or coordinates? On the surface the give feedback option would not be better given that one could not attach files.
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I have read comments in various places which say the report will provide your coordinates, although I'm not sure of the official source of this info. It would be good if the feedback form indicated that it would provide your location (and maybe a screenshot if it does that too...)
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