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So I've got a factory that brings certain materials in over long distances.

While I know doing everything manually is part of the struggle to build epic factories, I'd very much like it if it were possible to quickly and easily run a route for a conveyor and have an item or upgrade of some kind that either places stackable conveyor poles at the maximum distance intervals or puts down some sort of hologram or even a beacon from in-game.

As I build more of these conveyors my eye is definitely getting better at estimating distances but I often find I'm a meter or two beyond! Very frustrating!

What do you all think?

The same might apply for the placement of power poles over long distances, although these are less frustrating to place!

EDIT: Added train track into the question, because I think that the same mechanic would apply when building rails or track for it!

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Honestly, I'd prefer them to implement mechanics into the game that make long-stretching conveyor belts and power lines not work. Long distance transport is what vehicles are for, so I think the better choice is to polish the vehicle mechanics rather than dilute them with stupid-long conveyor belts.
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To each his own I'll say :)

I like stupid-long conveyor belts at the moment. Although I did see that a train is planned! Now the mechanic for building conveyor belt poles could apply to train tracks too, if they're on pillars -- then I'll think I'll have you won over on this one!
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