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First minor case: the jetpack is lacking a fuel indicator. And I don't mean the "current" fuel gauge. I mean an indicator showing how many units of fuel are remaining in the inventory. It's easy to forget yourself and end up in the air with no charge left.

Secondly - shouldn't the jetpack recharge always when not in use? As it is, the mere act of jumping without activating the jets will prevent fuel recharge (EDIT: walking up / down ladders will prevent this too). The jetpack should always "recharge" when not in use OR it should provide a passive jump height boost and fall-prevention. Or, if that's too OP, then could normal jumps (as opposed to the act of "falling" after flying) simply not interrupt the recharge?
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In this case, it wouldn't be a fuel gauge anymore but more an overheat gauge.
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Really just needs a # next to the charge gauge to indicate how many fuel cans are left in inventory, like the chainsaw, or the rebar gun has. Otherwise you can end up on a high cliff with no way down because you used the last of your fuel getting up there.

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I'm assuming the idea is that it's hard to take fuel out of your inventory and add it to the jetpack when you are jumping, climbing, and/or falling.
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No. There are sort of two ideas here:
1. Fuel indicator, i.e. how many units of fuel you have left in your inventory.
2. Jetpack recharge mechanic (i.e. the "refuelling" of the little bar at the bottom left) is strange, as the mere act of jumping up or climbing a ladder will prevent the jetpack from recharging. It would be nice if such actions didn't affect the recharge rate.
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swimming also prevents refueling of the jetpack
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