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I would like to request some type of labeling system, to quickly see what is in containers. My original idea, was a cool holographic image that floats above container, with the icon of what is stored. Maybe the user could select the image from the E menu, or something?

For example: If I am storing WIRE in a container, while looking inside the container I could choose the WIRE label, and then the "WIRES" icon would float above the container.

Just some sort of quick reference, as to what is being stored inside each container, without the need to have to look inside.



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You should also be able to toggle this on/off with a press of a key.
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As someone already mentioned the hologram/image on the outside, this wouldn't work if you are storing more than one type of material.

So how about a type of list, similar to your suggestion in the first image, only vertical and stuck on the side/front of the container? The icons present in the list, indicate what's in there. Additionally, maybe include a count of each item?
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That should be easy to do with a Miscellaneous icon.
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Simple labelling would be so useful, Subnautica does this well I think.

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This was sugested more then once, but i like how u present it. I would prefer it not to be hovering above the Storage, because if u double stack them that would be useless.

Id prefer something like this (and thats how i solve it atm):

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I like that idea.  One guy suggested a single conveyor belt piece to let one or two come out and show what is in there.

However, I figured with some logic (computer code), it (the game) could determine if the container was ALL of one, and if not, somehow show all or a MISC symbol.  If it were 2 stacks of containers with something different from each other, it could show both; one on top of the other.  That way you would know "wire" was on bottom, and "screws" were on top.

I like the idea of on top, because it is easily visible from anywhere.  Nonetheless, thank you for the reply.
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I dropt the stored item in front of the container. Works fine!
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Can you see that from a bit away?
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yes, you can. I built a sorting machine. For this reason I have only one kind of item in a container.
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To that end, I just climb up top drop a single item at both ends of each container, atop the container.
It can be seen from a good ways off.
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