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So... I have found a Slug that is literally insta-death. It's a green power slug that is on a tree near coal. The best way to describe its location is to say that from the empty field near the 3 Normal Iron deposits right next to each other you should run to the closest coal. Nearby that there's a small field of trees hanging over the chasm of oblivion. So... On these trees there's a single green power slug. Any time you try to grab it you have to jump on the tree to get close enough to collect it, and this always results in you glitching inside the tree. Its happened to me 3 times, and I've seen it happen to other people on youtube.

I've only managed to get around this bug by either being rammed our by one of the rhino dudes or building a conveyor belt perfectly under my feet to carry me out. I've heard you can use the re-spawn button to escape as well. I also found that laying down a ramp or foundation allows you to collect it without getting bugged, but if you jump on the tree you will get bugged, and will NOT be able to escape without one of the means listed.

I've deemed this slug the Green Tree Slug of DOOM! As meme as it has become for me I would be happy to see this corrected, as it's very frustrating.
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where is the screenshot?
map or coords?
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So just had the same issue twice in a row lol I didnt learn.

X: -70297.375
Y: 292339.21875
Z: -6331.5673828125

This looks to match the description of the orginal post as near coal.
I reported mine in game also.

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Reporting these bugs is best ingame . Devs can see your location then.
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C'Mon people, UPVOTE the answers that get this stuff in front of the Devs and Fixed! ;-)
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like i said, if u report this ingame the devs will get it on their desk. Mapbugs should be reported ingame first. Nonetheless i ofc upvoted this
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I honestly didn't know you COULD report it in game. I have some stream footage of it happening, I was thinking I could post up a video of it to show what exactly is happening and how. Would that be a good idea as well?
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There are several places where you can get stuck inside trees.  Always carrying your chainsaw around with you is quite helpful in these cases.
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Great impromptu ,,,  But not in the context of the conversation!
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