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Currently, if you want a fully enclosed building, with power coming in from the outside, you have to build a "door" in the wall (on the second level) to get the cable through (unless you abuse the above bug). Feels like there should be a better way to resolve this - like a wall-mounted power pole (with both internal and external connections). Current behaviour is frustrating (you have to carefully align up your power lines) and doesn't feel too realistic.

(NB: there is another bug I've raised which you can abuse to get around this - by building the power cable before the wall, rather than the other way around)
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I think that if there was a conductor that could be placed on the wall that would allow you to place another one on the other side of the wall to pass through would be a great solution otherwise the conductors would be a great way to run the power along the wall too.
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They should allow walls to carry power. Then have a new type of wall with a power cable connection on the inside and outside that allow you to pass power into the wall. Then, all connected walls would carry that power.

This would be also useful if they decide to add light fixtures that we could attach to walls. The wall would be able to power the light without having to run a mess of cable.
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I agree.  Put a transformer/insulator/connect on both sides of the wall that has the same number of connections as a basic pole - 4.  Would look much better than having cables go through walls and some builds have cabling that is extreme enough that the cables won't line up with doors or windows and leaving an open wall section is just lame.
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I use doors and careful placement, I think they look good, doors need to place on the second level though, works on very high towers
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I played a game called "ARK" that had a mod and I loved what they did, the mod added power lines and water pipes as "add-ons" for the foundations which then in turn powered / gave water to anything sitting on that foundation.  That is what I want to see here and I see they have said something about powered foundations and I hope they implement it in a similar fashion.

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Wat do you think about cable in walls(automatically connects vertically)? Three variants:

  1. cable in wall
  2. cable in wall with connector
  3. cable in wall with connector on each side


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I may have just thought of an even better workaround. If memory serves correct (only time I really use any walls is to prevent myself from falling the hell off of an extended platform :p), you can place platforms along the top of a wall. What about building a roof and placing the power pole on the roof and leave a square opening (1 missing platform block) to drop the power cable through the ceiling down to a power pole on the floor inside of the building. That way the hole is in roof and not on the side where it's much easier to see?
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@marcin212 hej, how did you manage to put image here? Technically this forum is awfull.
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Upload to imgur and insert link using button with picture in editor toolbar.
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Ohhh I like that - almost like once you have 'mains' power to the outside you can wire your house up with a ringmain, trunks and risers.
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Powered Wall's will be available soon :)

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Based on the German video it looks like the power wall electrifies all connected Foundations AND walls so no powerlines will be needed within a factory at all, just electrify the lowest level and all machines in an entire multi-level factory will be powered.
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I agree, maybe some sort of powered foundations would be cool, I don't like the Idea of having cable flying everywhere anyway, maybe enough for T1, but then ...
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I'd pay a copper wire per foundation to not have to wire up buildings sitting on that foundation. In a heartbeat.
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You can already if you first place the cable and then the wall if will place the wall with the cable still there. Just not the other way around
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Yeah, that's the current workaround, but I think it's a bug (I've raised it already). Assuming they fix it, we need another way to get cables into buildings.
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I think the 'bug' is actually a better solution than developing more convoluted mechanisms for what is a basic function. Just let cables pass through walls and foundations; there's already enough collision issues to contend with.
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If I'm not wrong, there is on high tiers that kind of wall....with electrical conectors both sides.

See it on a YT video of a german guy who seem to have a old complete version of the game...probably a tester.


min 32:27

...and that content was online on 6 of April ;)

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Power wall.
Placed on foundation will supply power to any machine witch will be also on foundation.
No more need for power pools or lines in the factory
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If it's in there since month, why isn't it accessable in the stable version? It is working just fine from what we can see in the video so I wonder why it isn't available yet.
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Yes it is working but with bugs.
For example if you place mashine on foundations and when you disconnect the surounding foundation, the mashine still will be getting power.
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Oh, this is indeed an unwanted behavior and will end up in a way, which is definitly game breaking ... would nice to know, if e. g. a state change check could fix this problem.

Means, if the machine will start/execute the crafting, it should check for any power input and if it can't find it, simply switch to the "no power" state. But since I am not a dev, I can't tell, at which position in the source code this could be implemented ^^
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What I have been doing, is put a wall with a single door, on the second wall up.  Run the cable through that doorway.  It doesn't look half bad, but the opening is a bit larger than needed.  Allows for flexibility in placing the poles though.
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So, the best workaround I've found currently is to leave the second row (from last foundation/floor layer) of walls off, and after I've placed everything else, I run power in, then place the walls down.

The cables go through the wall, and work just fine. It's ugly (not nearly as ugly as ARK's methods) but it works.

A pass-through item would be desireable.
And cable conduit would be interesting, but a placeable pass-through which pokes through the wall would be best. Then you only have to place it once, and attach a cable to it. To add realism limit the pass-through to 4 cables | with an upgrade tier for a "sub-panel" similar to how you would add breakers to your house when you're out of slots IRL.
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Yep agree and do the same with powerline then wall.  Feels messy.

Am I right in thinking Fallout4 / 76 does this quite well (probs only thing 76 does do well) with the conductors on walls and then the voltage spreads to about 4 or 5 foundation blocks?
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I have seen a mod that places a power connector on a wall on both sides.

Unfortunately, I could not get it to work and I cannot contact the mod developer for help.

This wouöd be a great realistic way to get power inside buildings!
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