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- Make the gear/weapons some kind of wheel mouse or otherwise to swap between them. Wheel mouse to change weapons/food and maybe ctrl wheel mouse for swap between boots/jetpack. Seems silly to rummage bags for them

- Upgrade the colour gun, i want to make this level 12 tower but cant remember if im on level 1 or 10, would be nice to look at the wall and see a nicely painted number showing the level/text ability in the colour gun

- Fix the way chainsaw and jet pack work, maybe dont pull fuel from the bag, maybe you place fuel in the device and then at a glance you can always see how much you have left on the equipped chainsaw/jetpack pic on the side. That way when you see the equipped is running low. Alternatively as you use jetpack fuel it shows up, like most build items do, showing how much fuel is in your bags.

- Have a way to ctrl copy the production in a smelter/machine so i can run along copying the production i want, e.g. set one smelter to iron ingots, then i can shift E to copy that to another smelter nearby

- Change the way the collection of certain items works, e.g. the mini miners, i don't want to ever view inside the minor. So leave "E" as edit the minor, but maybe make Shift "E" would just collect everything in it. Same goes for chests, storage/bags. Shift e on a chest will store all/collect all or some other such similar bound keys etc. I can walk past a machine that i know is full of produce items and Shift E to collect all.

- The placing of belts works well if you want to use the normal short coveyor pole, but i would rather see it that when you are ready to place the belt that if you mouse wheel scroll it would change from a normal conveyor to the stackable version, then if i shift click the stackable that it would keep placing stackable conveyor poles on top of each other and then when i finally "non shift" click it would just accept the belt. or some other key bind that allows the placing of stackable conveyor stand while also being in the mode of placing a conveyor.

- Have multiple sets of bound keys, e.g. 1-0 is the normal set, then if you ctrl mouse wheel it rolls to a new set, so the keys are still 1-0 but they can be new sets, maybe have multiple sets, so if you want footings, conveyors and ramps all on set 1, then set 2 has smelter, power, productions etc, will expand the number of short cut keys available

- Make it so a default power pole can be selected, lets face it i dont want to place power poles then change to placing cables, i want to use the cable command and then be able to place poles but maybe a wheel mouse scroll when in the place cable mode after selecting the first click would allow you to change from the 4-6-8 connection poles so i can still use the cable only command mostly but allows me to decide on a 4-6-8 pole without having to change from that command

- See through footings or see through walls, e.g. I want to line something up from the lower floor and i want to see through it, so either goggles that allow see through walls or something, or maybe production from sand/glass that can make see through floors and footing or something like that anyways

- Some way to allow me to place multiple belts, e.g. i have a stackable conveyor thats 4 high and i want to run all 4 belts at once, so maybe when you click the first one, if you hold and drag up it will lock in multiple rows above this and then allow you to place all 4 belts at once, or some other way

- Corners for the wall conveyors, e.g. its hard to make a wall converyor go around an outside corner without it looking messy

- An elevator for the space elevator, should i spend 45 mins making a ramp up to the elevator top, because lets face it, half of you have contemplated it, 25% of you have done it and the other 25% wishes you could see from the top but honestly cant be bothered. Maybe a way to click an elevator that takes you to the top so you can view your glorious factory from the top

- A way to lock footings when you place them. e.g. if i am doing large zones of flat and i dont want new footings to go on top or under the ones nearby, someway to level lock it, this will make placing large flat footings zones much faster e.g. it will only lock to and place on other footings sides, rather than go higher or lower.

- Some way to demolish on mass scale, not sure how this would work, but some way to demolish a lot of stuff quickly, or at least options for certain types, like i want to demo a stackable conveyor tower, maybe if i shift F then it will ask for confirmation to demolish the entire stack rather than one item per? Or shift F will allow holding down and dragging and it would lock on types of the same. E.g. when you start to demolish a footing it allows you to drag and keep selecting footings for quick demo, or multiple smelts or whatevs

- Names for chests/storage, names for buildings, goes hand in hand with the text and colour guns etc

- Click and drag for certain things, drag smelters so they always lock and build side by side, drag power so it doesnt build the pole until you reach the maximum length between the poles, drops a pole and then connects to that placed pole for the next, same for conveyor, as you drag it just keeps waiting to place until you go past max length, click and drag ramps, footings etc. Maybe this takes away from the game some, but maybe it could only be in straight lines or certain lengths etc but a click and dag could be real handy coupled with the already sweet range

- Visible gauges for certain things. e.g. fuel stations show coal/bio-mass burners show remaining fuel, etc, so you can see at a glance what they have left or have produced by just looking at them instead of looking inside them.
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Virtually all of the requests you have made have already been made ... so it would be better to vote them individually, rather than this "wish list".

But for the record, I agree most of the wishes above are good suggestions.
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Too much stuff in here. If you are going to group suggestions, it's much better to at least keep a common theme. For exemple, I have a suggestion called "More Foundations and Walkways". Without even having to read everything, peoples already know what it is about. Furthermore, there's a general rule that says that you should never write more then a single screen's worth of content on the web. The vast majority of peoples just don't even bother scrolling down. Condense things as much as possible and just do away with the preamble, and the long drawn out explanations.
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In the future, post ONE idea/suggestion/complaint/bug/anything in ONE post. This multiple thing is pointless as we cannot discuss them in detail (this is not a forum) and voting becomes pointless because... what are we voting on? One, some, all?
For now, this is a downvote for the structure of the post but also for the repetition of many of these. Please do some research on what exists here before posting.
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