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Would be good to be able to build large platform and stackable pole in one go
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And also a continious deconstruct while holding down the left click too.

I would also suggest shortening the time taken to deconstruct per block, i definetlly don't thing removing the 'timer' is a good idea, missclicks do happen ofc aha
but generally mistakes are very eisly fixed and i'd much prefer a tad more risk of a tiny mistake, in exchange for a much much more fluent and speedy process when it comes to reconstruction.
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In theory, yes. But OH SO MANY PROBLEMS!

Which way? Foundation is build and then you click and hold and... does it go forward? does it go up? or does it go down?

How fast does it lay foundation pieces, at what rate?

Is this the same rate at which it builds stackable conveyor poles? Are they even built in a stacking order or do you want to build them forward at specific intervals? What intervals would those be?
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For the first and second question, im gonna take space engineers as an example, which have a nice implementation of that system (take a quick look : https://youtu.be/atgsQA6O4A0?t=387)

For the poles, the idea is only to build a high pole quickly, specifying interval between poles is a good idea but not the subject here
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How about a click and drag system?
Single click: builds one item
While building stackable conveyor, click and drag upward: builds an additional stackable as your mouse travels over the center of each
While building foundation, click and drag in a direction: builds additional foundations in the direction of the mouse movement. For simplicity, will only build in the direction of the initial movement.
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This idea from the space engineers would work :) Click to place a ghost, drag to fill in (horizontally or vertically), click to construct :)
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It's more like maintain left click to place a ghost, release to construct, right click to cancel
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