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I'm surprised it wasn't asked before (please feel free to correct me)

A tool, could be integrated to the beacon, that draws a line between two points, a line visible from a distance with an optional distance between said points.

i.e. I'm on top of a stack of 150 stackable conveyors, I'm looking down to my oil supply base, down there, and about 1,5km away. I'd really like to link where I am to the oil supply with conveyors.

If I could setup such a tool here, on top of my stack and point to a precise point at my supply then, from the ground level, build gradual stacks that would end up to the visible laser line... To have a straight serie of gradual increasing stacks until I reach 150 or, at least a compatible last direct conveyor link distance.

The tool could also include different color (green or user defined) points or zones (customizable lenght zone i.e. point, 0,5m, 1m, 3m...), along the laser beam (red or user defined), to mark conveyor, if the case, belt max distance at this angle in order to avoid endless rebuilds. This would give engineers a good indication of where to build a foundation or whatever else to support the conveyor belts. The points or zones should also be repeated as many times as required to devide the whole distance and mark all the required conveyor supports needed.

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Yes, this is exactly what I had in mind!

The range finder could have configurable marking distance(s) that are relevant to what you're doing. Distances can be given in meters or kilometers, but also in more arbitrary units, such as maximum wire lengths, maximum belt lengths, machine widths, foundations, etc.
That would help with not only linking supply lines, but also factory planning.
For an idea of what I envisioned, there's an item from buildcraft (the Minecraft mod) that's a blue torch that, when powered, projects beams out in all cardinal directions including up (but surprisingly not down)
There was another item from Minefactory Reloaded (another Minecraft mod) called the ruler, which would output to the chat console the distance between two selected blocks along all 3 axis.
Some combination of these tools in Satisfactory would be fantastic!
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Even a 'short-range' version would be useful to gauge height of foundations so top edges could be aligned
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