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The current worlds are good but it would be nice if there was an option when creating the world for the world to be randomly created to give you more enjoyment if you have already explored to world before.
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Maybe add a second or third world in the future, just so we can have more choices
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The dev cost to create a procedural generator would be better spent just creating a second planet to play on
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As cool as it would be, it just is too much work to build into a game that already has an established environment.

It would be easier for them to just add new areas onto the map in future patches. I mean, a lot of the map boundaries just abruptly end with a shear cliff into a foggy abyss. I don't imagine new map areas being very difficult to append into the game.
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My hope would be that players will be able to develop new maps, as well, once modding is added

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There is only one large world.  The spaun zones are the only difference.  The map is not procedurally generated map.
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So you could find the other zones from the other starting places?
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Yes,  it may take a little while exploring to do so because the map is pretty big.  In my save i built a sky bridge from the desert to near the grass land start.  Riding on mrk4 belts it takes a few min to travel.
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I strongly imagine that the procedures for randomly generating a works would have had to be baked into the game from an early point of development... If it ever comes oi will be long into the future
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I do agree, but unlike a lot of other 3D building games, this has a realistic enviroment. Making a random maker generator would take a lot of work, and the map is big enough already that it is still fun.
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