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We really need elevators for people on here I have a big factory with 3 floors but high cellings. if i fall of my stair case i will die.
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Elevators should be built as shafts, then doors. The placement of doors determines the stops, and you simply stack shafts on top of each other until you get your desired height.
Also you should have the option of overclocking the elevators if you have a super high structure.
Ie: normal mode - select floor, door close, accelerate for 1s, reach clocked travel speed, decelerate for 1s, stop, open door.
When overclocked, the travel speed significantly increases.

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I do agree, and elevators would be nice. Here are some other ways to fix your problems: Using Blade runners to cancel some fall damage. Making 2 different staircases, one that goes from the first floor to the second, and one that goes from 2nd to 3rd. Using the U-Jelly landing pad at the bottom of your staircase. I hope this helps until elevators are released
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I built a launch-pad system in my base to travel fast between floors or even straight to the top, angled launch-pads placed perfectly to shoot from one to the other. Works great!
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I cheat to go down at least.  If I stand on flat parts of stairs then strafe side to side you'll fall down to the next stair easily without falling down to the ground.  Can't solve going up though.

Some of my taller buildings I leave a conveyor specific to go up like an escalator.
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yes a million times, ive started building my factorys in stacks, and also where i store the fabricated items. it would be so cool to have elevators instead of running up walkways all the time. same with vehicle elevators, it would be nice to make it a little faster rather then going super slow up inclines. you could even require the lifts to take power.
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I think that is why jump pads and landing pads were added to quickly move between floors, but I agree a more reliable and less risky mode of movement would be nice.
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