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To clarify:


Aim and click on a belt snap point. Aim and click at a different snap point within range and height limit. Aim, click, aim, click.


Requirement: Two snap points within range and at equal height.

While holding SNAP, aim and click on a belt snap point. A full belt will be built between the two points. Aim, click.

Like any other belt building, before you click to confirm, an indicator is shown for the resulting belt and its direction.

Optional: To change belt direction, use mouse wheel or start at the other snap point.

Optional: Belt instead snaps to (nearest) lowest valid snap point ahead in a straight line. Use scroll wheel to switch to higher snap points if available. To change belt direction, start at the other snap point.


Easier belt building. Save time and effort when building long straight belts. Building a large central bus or a set of belts over a long distance is currently very tedious.
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I think an option like this would also be very useful to prevent spending a lot of time with belt placement on nearby mergers/splitters.

In my case I´m struggling to place mergers/splitters next to one another and the belt not snapping in between them automatically as soon as you select one snap point.

This results in me jumping around closeby to get the belt turning blue by pure luck to connect it. Most of the times, when it won´t work, i get the not enough clearance error because it is trying to snap to a snap point on a different side of the merger/splitter next to it, but avoids the snap point lined up directly next to it.

The auto-snap function should be smart enough to recognise a close by snap point to the cursor location (just as it does with conveyors far apart).
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