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After the latest patch my game doesnt load up, i click continue and its does the normal load screen but its just infinitely loading and in task manager it isnt responding, i have tried to contact the devs twice at different times with no response so i thought i would come here as i have bought the game and would like to play it like any other human.
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Okay, have you also made sure that Satisfactory's online services are not suddenly being blocked by your firewall?

After the update, I do remember getting another prompt from Windows firewall on whether or not Satisfactory network traffic should be blocked.
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Hello ! Can you please tell me if you create a new game it still does that bug to you ? If it does, then you might need to reinstall your game. Before go into C:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\Local\FactoryGame\Saved\SaveGames and backup your saved games ! Delete the game then reinstall it, then place back your saved games into the same folder :)

Hope this help you ! ^_^
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nothing has blocked it, and i have created a new game and it all works fine, i just want my old world back rip.
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Just to be really upfront about this, did you do anything to the save files themselves or while in game through the console commands?

If you did, then there's likely nothing that can be done and that's the risk you take when you do that. If not, then it's possibly a bug their team can actually look into.

Have you tried turning down all of the graphics settings for the game to see if your system just can't handle loading everything in your old save world?
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Didn't even know I could use console commands, and yes I have tried lowering all my graphics as in task manager the memory the game is taking up is significantly higher than everything else.
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