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My wife and I play together.  I have encountered several issues when I join her game (she hosts).  All of these work when I am playing my own game locally.

1. I am unable to open drop pods even when I supply power.

2. Parachute will not deploy (the sound plays, but I keep falling)

3. Unable to sort storage chests.
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5. Hotbar selections / assignments are not saved across multiplayer sessions for someone joining another person's game
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also cant build items
blue prints show up but then do not build
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Can confirm as of version 97236. My friend has plummeted to his death several times over the parachute not working. He heard the sound of it deploying but it did not slow him down or reduce fall damage at all.

-cannot commend on drop pods, and friend seemed capable of sorting storage chests.
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We saw the same, unable to sort inventory in non-host inventory or storage boxes. Also found that when a non-host tries to use explosives the client would instantly crash.
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We can still sort but parachutes and drop pods do not work for non-host players.
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