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All the ores so far we extract are almost the same except for a few.

Such as iron ore, copper ore and caterium ore have to go through a smelter to turn thet into ingots.So I thought it would be better to have different procedures to make ingots.

Such as in real life, aluminium is extracted by the process of electrolysis and I think it is possible to add that feature in the game.

Just use the coal to make carbon electrodes  which needs to be continually replaced since it reacts with oxygen (or OH ions) to form CO2. And then the liquid aluminium can be sent to a cooler or something to turn them into ingots (not necessary as if the developers wish they can turn them to ingots in the electeolyele chamber but will be bigger and require more energy).

Also since the ore aluminium oxide has a high melting point, it maybe possible to mix it with other ores to reduce the melting point, also leading to having 3 inputs for the electrolysis chamber :coal, bauxite and another ore.

I hope this was helpful :)
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I think this is a good idea.
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Yah thats the right thing to do in reality hope they consider these suggestion.

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I really like this idea.
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Don't wanna spoiler you but there is recipe showed on wiki about aluminum. Not sure if this gonna be implemented 1:1 into game or will be changed.
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From the wiki as it is it looks like quarts will be needed to make silica and then combine silica and boxite to make aluminum ingot in foundry.   But this all could change with patch releases.
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There's a resource called silica somewhere out there which does not have an icon and has a description of "used in aluminium". In other words, there's already a second resource involved in the making of aluminium. I got some of it by cutting one of those purple bushes east of the plains area.
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Yea i know i also found em and know bout using it in aluminium but i thought y not have a unique way of making aluminium.

And u can make silica from quartz ore which are in the game but can't be used to make silica.

I have done my research boy
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