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It would be nice to a have a Storage Container option that allowed us to define what can come out of it. For example I can have a Storage Container that is storing serveral diferent materials due to a Merger, and that Storage Container output can be connected to Constructor or Assembler, if I want to change what the Constructor or Assembler is building there is no way to tell the Storage Container that only the material I need should go out.

Another example is having a closed loop, for example to make and store fuel. I can have one container that only accepts fuel, and only outputs grass, that way I can store grass on the container and have it go around 2 Constructors to make fuel in a loop. Both the Grass and Fuel stored on the same container.

Another VERY awesome thing to add would be having a similar permission list but for splitters and mergers, for example, you should be able to define that a Splitter will only let metal plates pass on the left side, rods on the right side, screws in the middle.
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there will be better Splitters and Filters in the released lategame
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I think the connected Assembler should pull its needed stuff out of the container, like the robots do in factorio. They do not have to be programmed. They just pick the stuff, which is needed by the factory.

But i understand, that we have a different situation here, as the belts are connected directly to an assembler. Instead of picking stuff from the belt, the belts feed the machinery directly. So, you are right, the container should have a filter function on it's output. Only what you have set in the filter should go out on the belt.

In the actual state your factory will be clogged sooner or later, if you put different items in your container, because everything will go out on that belt.

So actually you have to use a seperate container for each item, which is not very practicable.

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As mentioned, filters are done and will be in the full release.
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Like this: Splitter control

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