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I would like to suggest a visual que to be added to the Power pole light on buildings if they have power shards in them. Currently I am unable to locate which buildings I have put power shards in and which I have not, without going through and selecting each one individually.

If it were possible, an increase in the number of lights at the top of the power / activation pole on each building to denote if it has any, and how many, power shard in it.

Or some identifier on the building to show this is where I put it...

Just a Quality of life add.



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Try to look at power indicator on top of building. When it has no power or connection is missing it is red. When production is queued it is yellow. When production is functioning it is green.  And then it should be white indicator if it has power shard. I'm not sure if this also worked with producing machined but for sure i had this white indicator with coal generator with power shard. Can't check it atm coz I'm not at PC.

Edit: i tried to do some cut on my phone with some random app :) 


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