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Dying multiple times (in our case 2-3) causes an infinite loading screen on respawn requiring alt+f4, happens to both host and mp client

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Same for me. On the bright side, I can vouch for the fact there are some very clever respawn screen loading quotes.
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same for me. Restarting the game is not fixing it
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Same. I died 4 time i believe and i am stuck in the respawn/loading screen :)

I won't be able to join our map (multiplayer) :)

Seems to be a critical blocker
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How we fixed it (i don't know if all steps are necessary, that's what we did) :

- I left the game when it was in the infinite loop
- my friend (the host) removed the hub and saved the game and left the party
- i did files check on Epic Game launcher
- my friend started the game again
- i joined and it worked

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The frequency doesn't affect this. Literally the first time I died while in my friend's game that happened to me. I think it's a latency thing due to the currently buggy nature of the multiplayer. My mate saw me as alive and well, but I was stuck in loading so long it had cycled through all of it's cringeworthy respawning "boot sequence" messages. Closing and restarting helped however.
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