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I have finally gotten the jetpack, and I'd looked forward to it. But it is somewhat of a disappointment - couldn't it be modified to allow longer flight time (as long as you have the fuel)? As it is now, I'd call it more of a jump pack than a jet pack.

Next to my starting point there's a natural stone arch (I started there at the latest alpha weekend), and I can't even fly to the top of that.
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Just fly up using 75% of your juice, place a foundation in the ground jutting out of the cliff then land on it and recharge back to 100%. Rinse and repeat
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That seems like a usable workaround. However, I had fully intended and expected (from the promo videos) to use the jetpack to scout the area. I have a truck that got a mind of its own and ran off on autopilot. Would be much easier to catch.
Also, I'd hoped to hunt the big flying stingray in the hopes of using it for something interesting (or just as a trophy)
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i'd like the height increased by 50-75%

Otherwise it becomes too much of cheat item i think
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sure.  And add the better endurance as a later research.
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