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I would like to see the Biomass Reactor, portable Greenhouse and the Greenhouse Mk1 as Tier 4 technologie after scanning 50 Berries, 50 Nuts, 25 Shrooms and 500 Leafs. Greenhouse Mk2 and Fertilizer (2 recipes; Biomass and Biowaste) after additionally scanning 500 Biomass. 
In order to get the Solar Panels, Solar Panel Terminal (and stun grenades) you need to analyse 20 "blinding sunrise" (Solis Ortum) Flowers. A flower with a boulbes shaft and big flowerpedles that transition from bright red to bright yellow (like a sunrise) that explode when animals (or players go near them) with a light stun effect so they stay still while the spores hang on to them to be carried as far away as possible. You need to be quick to pluck them and make sure that no beasts are nearby. running through a field of those with blade runners might be fun. They explode using build up solar energy which is why they unlock Solar Panels. 

Biomass Reactor requires both biomass and biofuel and has 2 conveyor in-slots and one conveyor out-slot for biowaste. 

Greenhouse Mk1 has 2 conveyor out-slots for produce. It can be entered and has 2 lanes with 2 slots for base plants (berries, mushrooms, nuts or bushes) each. Greenhouses can use natural sunlight during the day but needs electricity for groth lamps during the night. (maybe add ecco mode to make it use no energy but only produce during the day??) The right out-slot is connected to the right lane and the left out-slot is connected to left lane. (Can't be overclocked) 

Portable Greenhouses are like portable miners but for Berry plants and Nut bushes. you put it on them and come back later to collect a stack of produce.

Greenhouse Mk2 has 3 lanes with 4 plant slots each, and 3 conveyor out-slots (left, right, middel) and a conveyor in-slot (back) for fertilizer which is used to "overclock" the production instead of powershards (higher speed = greater fertilizer consumption ofc).

Fertilizer can be made via constructor from either Biomass or Biowaste (just to have a nice closed cycle of energy production between Biomass Reactor and Greenhouse Mk2)  

Solar Panels take up one foundation square and can be connected to each other. In order to work, it needs to be connected to a Solar Panel Terminal or to Solar Panels that are already connected to one. Only produces energy during day .... duuuuhhh .... (but not that much... also can't be overclocked directly) 

Solar Panel Terminal funneles, converts and manages the energy from solar panels. It has 2 electric outlets and the option for an stability mode that reduces the output, saving some to put out during the night too. Can be Overclocked. 

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These are some very interesting suggestions and I think they would be very fun additions. The only problem I see is that getting berries and other plants is a natural incentive to go exploring which would be lost if you can produce them yourself.
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Hmm .. I didn't think about that. Is that really how you feel about them though? Sure, the slugs, Somerloops, Mercer Spheres and Hard Drives certainly are incentives to go exploring, but nuts, berries and mushrooms? I have to say that I have never gone out of my way to get them and picking them up as I go always got me enough to heal after beast encounters.
And farming for leafs and wood was also more results orientated than exploring.
(also making it Tier 4 or 5 gives already ample time for exploration)
But now I'm curious if your experience was actually different in this regard.
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I'm not sure, I think I actually did most of my exploring to search for power slugs and hard drives if I think about it. In the very early game I went out the farthest to search for wood and leaves. But yes, even before Tier 4 I don't think I ever really went out far to search for food so I guess what I wrote isn't really a problem.
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Batteries for charging at day, discharging at night!
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