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Am I the only one who wonders why a Truck Station need's 20 MW of Power?

You could run 4 Miners MK I or 5 Smelters with the same amount of Power.

For a small Coal delivery setup I would need 45 MW's (two stations, one Miner MK 1). That's pretty much half of what my Production needs. Seems somehow unbalanced, since the Truck Station is only moving cargo from A to B with a crane, right?
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Trucks are for higher throughput as well is long distance, they wouldn't be servicing just one mine.
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After a distance of 400 meters, trucks are even faster at delivering supplies than as many MK4 conveyor belts as you want.
Early game they are wonderful transport vehicles, they don't get into delivery until mid-late game when another 20 MW of power is essentially nothing.
Also, note that the 45 MW of power can be supplied with a single coal generator, which you just so happen to have fuel arriving in regular shipments.
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Maybe you're right, and 20 MW are nothing in mid-late game. But that wasn't my question. I'm trying to understand why a simple cargohold with a small crane needs as much power as 5 Smelters. That's completly unrealistic.
Yes I can run my all my heaters in my flat at max temperature. But why doing so if it's not cold? Just because I'm rich and don't care?

So I still think this is not well balanced at all. And you can't compare this with conveyors, since they don't need any power to run, right?

It's no criticism, it's just an feedback. The game makes fun, I like it.
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