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Since if you lose your HUB and are unable to recover it (Like Me...) there should be an option to create the HUB box. But that you can only have one down at a time to make sure it does not break the game.
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I put it into a storage space and it's not just gone. I don't have an old save and I don't see it on the ground anywhere. I searched for over an hour on my 30+ hour save so I'm a tad demotivated now that I can't get my mask upgrade :(
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@Ambaire I enjoy it for multiplayer but I feel like that would make the game to easy... maybe. IDK
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...You dissassembled it? And you put the materials in a storage place? Why disassemble it in the first place? oh man... I'm sorry... but... it must be in one of these boxes... Wanna invite me over to look?
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I too have put my hub in the storage. saved my game and returned and it was gone. Was going to come back and put it on another part of the map. I have looked all over for it. thought people were griefing me, Note: people like leaving there game going and let there new found friends continue with out them. I thought people were doing that on purpose. we need greif control. yes i like the idea of having multiple hubs. could use them like multiple base  locations i guess.
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@Fishir did you not make any manual saves at all? I do a manual save every couple hours and at the end of every session, just in case I run into a bug.
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