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Every now and again, when I upgrade to the next tier of miners/conveyors/whatever/alternate blueprints, or go exploring enough to find more resources to bring into the base, I feel I need to rearrange my factory, to accommodate the changes. Make things move about the factory smoothly and with as little conveyor-belt chaos as possible. I try to build with enough space to allow growth like this, but can't always foresee everything. Would it be possible to add in a switch at the HUB which shuts down all active production-line buildings, similar to how things behave when you go over the power limit? As opposed to going and shutting off power building by building to trip the breaker, this would allow production to stop at will in order to rearrange the factory as needed.
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That would be nice. For the time being, I just deconstruct the cable powering the section I'm working on if it bothers me.
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Could simulate this by shutting down the miners and letting the factory exhaust current resources. I frequently do so to avoid unnecessary clutter when redoing lines.
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