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The terrain in this game is so visually stunning I really wish there were more options to really take it in and savor it. The inclusion of a Glider Suit & Parachute, Climbers Picks, Bionic Boots, or simple Flippers would make the act of exploring more exciting. It could offer a new set of objectives to explore in the Research Tree as well as widening the appeal to a greater playerbase.

Anyway to increase and/or decrease your speed as you explore would feel wonderful essentially. As you've clearly invested into the art and design of your world.

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There's currently a leg augmentation thing that makes you run faster (forget name) and a jetpack. So that stuff already exists. HOWEVER, I will say they should make your character able to equip more than 1 thing at a time. Why can't I have a jetpack and gas mask on at the same time? ridiculous.
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So close.. I want to vote for your answer, but then you go ahead and ruin it with this "ridiculous" comment. Try to remember that this is a community of people that want the game to be the best it can be, that want to work together and be the best we can be, and outright dismissive tantrums such as this doesn't embrace the respect and cooperation we would like in this community. You can make the case for the multiple equipping of gear, which is a good one, without being so obnoxious.
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I voted for the answer because it had a valid point. But you are correct in saying negativity does not help. But while not completely constructive, this hardly qualifies as a tantrum.
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