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Hi wink
The game runs very smooth in my machine. Solid 90+ fps on 1440p with 9700k % rtx 2070.

Anyway I want to suggests those features regarding AA.

- Allow users to set AA Off : Lot of players don't like it.

- Allow users to set a resolution upscale, in order to replace AA for users with a powerfull machine.

I would like to set AA off, and set something like 120% resolution scale in order to have a super sharp and defined image quality, without aliasing & without that blurry effect caused by AA (also at ultra) (I think the game uses TAA?)

Anyway... GG... I'm not studying those days... because I'm playing Satisfactory heart

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I don't care about the upscaling, but setting the AA on/off is definitely a must. Right now I need to forcibly disable AA in the my graphics driver settings if I still want to have "ultra" quality setting,
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Just got the game; definitely support this suggestion.  I keep my AA set to low because, like all Unreal Engine 4 games I've played, textures at even short distances become incredibly blurry.  It gives me a headache.  Low looks terrible aliasing-wise, but no blur, so I'll take it.  But in the future I'd love some sort of supersampling option, especially since the game doesn't seem to be working with nVidia's built in options in their control panel (even though it does for every other game).  Other than that, game runs very smooth.  Cleanest early access I've played in a very long time.

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Anti-Aliasing is as follows from what i can see.

Low: Off

Medium: FXAA

High: TAA

Ultra: TXAA
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