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The truck is too light and wjen I jump on it, it starts "flying".

Tractor can destroy bushes and trees ,but  Truck can't.
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I think the devs must have typo'ed the truck mass. It's about a tenth of what it should be.
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trucks can destroy trees and bushes, but oddly enough not as easy.
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i also noticed the truck has more trouble then the tractor with terrain. it also guzzles way more fuel for not alot of added value. but main complaint however is the truck is WAY to easy to flip over then the tractor. after like 30hrs of playtime I've yet to get my first tractor stuck to badly that I had to rebuild it. in 1hr of playtime i flipped 4 trucks onto their back and had to rebuild them
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@NaturalHerb if you attempt to enter a truck that's flipped upside down, it will flip upright again.
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You don't need to rebuild them just click on the workbech and they flip.
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I agree it is too springy, it wants to fly through the air with every rock or or slight bump. It also turns on a dime which should be dialed back to handle like it's mass suggests. The explorer vehicle really handles well like a dune buggy. I tend to use it for most of my runs now.
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I think the trucks need to be more like a hugh 'dump truck': heavyer, louder and stronger. Im also not agree with the sound. I mean, the train ingame has an awsome heavy deep strong sound, so you think there is a hugh monster vehicle behind you if you hear the threatening growl coming behind you. In comparison with the train the truck is this little clown mobile and 10 clowns get out the car.
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