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I'm just wondering how much to invest in building out my current factories, if I have to start again from scratch, I think I'd just to like to wait till the next installment comes, or if I get to carry on, then I'll carry on building!

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They've said that we would be able to keep our saves. Don't know if that will remain true all the way in release, but we can be hopeful.
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I recall they said there may be issued surrounding the modification of recipes and ingredients so you might need to re-arrange things when those changes take effect. Specifically I heard the way iron was used was under review pretty early on so it might get overhauled.
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The experimental already gives a good clue as to exactly what is going to happen. If you deconstruct an MK2 miner which you build on the live version, you get back 1 portable miner. The new recipe requires 2 portable miners. If you then go ahead and build an Mk2 miner and deconstruct it, you will get back 2 portable miners. This implies that despite having the same name, same mesh and texture, theses are actually 2 different buildings with their own unique ID, properties, and maybe, their own coding. This makes it very plausible to assume that old production lines are going to keep working just fine, but that new production lines would have to use the new recipes.
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